Apotheus releases new video for "Alphae's Sons"

The Portuguese band, Apotheus, just released a new video for "Alphae's Sons".

"Alphae's Sons" stands as a testament to Apotheus's versatility and willingness to explore new realms within their artistry. The band has ventured into uncharted territories, crafting a composition that invites listeners into a tranquil, reflective state, distinct from their previous works.

The lyrical narrative of the song unfolds a tale of profound connection and reunion between two species separated by millions of years. Delve into the emotions as the descendants of one species recognize their shared ancestry with the other, forging a deep and spiritual bond that transcends time.

Track for airplay: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O7Mh-z27OCXDVdTZqERpkJo-uT5OLQ13/view?usp=sharing

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