April release: GREYHAWK- "Thunderheart" (Fighter Records)

"Thunderheart" will be released in April 2024 via Fighter Records

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Release Title: Thunderheart
Label: Fighter Records
Release Date: April 2, 2024
Format: CD, 12" LP, Cassette, Digital
Genre: Epic Power/Heavy Metal
Country: USA


  1. Spellstone
  2. Ombria (City Of The Night)
  3. Thunderheart
  4. Rock & Roll City
  5. Steadfast
  6. Sacrifice Of Steel
  7. The Last Mile
  8. Back In The Fight
  9. The Golden Candle

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GREYHAWK's "Thunderheart" embodies the essence of epic power and heavy metal, meticulously crafted for fans who cherish the genre's golden era. This album marries traditional metal, power metal, and shred, infused with modern nuances and virtuosic solos. Following their acclaimed debut, GREYHAWK continues to impress with storytelling, powerful operatic vocals, and compelling melodies. "Thunderheart" will be released in April 2024 via Fighter Records.


  • Rev Taylor: Vocals
  • Darin Wall: Bass
  • Jesse Berlin: Guitars
  • Rob Steinway: Guitars
  • Nate Butler: Drums

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