Arcade Stories Unveils 'Night Negatives': A Bold Leap into Enchantment and Conflict

'Night Negatives', the electrifying new single from Australia's very own alternative metal band

Arcade Stories, the Australian alternative metal outfit known for their electrifying soundscapes, has taken a significant stride with their latest single, "Night Negatives." Released on February 2, 2024, this track marks a pivotal moment in the band's evolution, showcasing a more refined and adventurous approach to their music.

Reflecting on their journey from "High Score Diploma" to "Night Negatives," Arcade Stories reveals a deliberate shift towards a more concentrated sound. "We would describe the evolution of our sound from HSD to NN as being more focused," the band explains. This newfound clarity is not just in their musical execution but also in their innovative use of vocal layers and the introduction of a tempo change that precedes a dynamic breakdown—a first in their repertoire.

The innovations in "Night Negatives" extend beyond the studio, affecting how Arcade Stories approaches their live shows. The incorporation of a tempo change, a novel element for the band, has led them to adopt a click on the backing track for live performances, a departure from their previous intuitive play style. This change not only enhances the live rendition of the song but also signifies the band's adaptability and commitment to delivering a cohesive sound experience.

Arcade Stories places a high value on the narrative quality of their lyrics, aiming to craft songs that are not just musically compelling but also rich in storytelling. "I believe lyrical themes in Alternative Metal should be compelling, it's my hope that NN achieves this with the themes of enchantment and conflict," the lyricist shares. The intent is to immerse listeners in a story akin to a novel or short story, steering clear of mundane topics in favor of more engaging narratives.


While "Night Negatives" leans heavily towards the heavier side of the spectrum, it doesn't shy away from experimental elements that might surprise their audience. "I think that most listeners would be caught off guard by some parts of the song though, especially if they already follow us and have an idea of what to expect," the band notes. This element of surprise is something Arcade Stories cherishes, promising to maintain a "high energy" while continuing to explore new creative avenues in their future work.

"Night Negatives" is not just a standalone release but a gateway to the future direction of Arcade Stories. With a commitment to experimentation and a penchant for the unexpected, the band is poised to keep their fans on their toes. "So as far as Arcade Stories goes expect the unexpected!" they tease, hinting at a journey filled with innovation and boundless creativity.

Recorded at their own studio and refined by Gareth Hargreaves Recordings, "Night Negatives" stands as a testament to Arcade Stories' growth and their fearless approach to music-making. With influences ranging from Northlane to Bring Me the Horizon, this single is set to resonate with fans of deep, contemplative metal, marking a significant chapter in the band's evolving story.

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