Black Vatican - "Las Sombras De Su Mascara" (Symphonic Metal) - reminder

Black Vatican is eager for a new push to promote their latest album, "Las Sombras De Su Mascara".


Artist: Black Vatican
Release Title: Las Sombras De Su Mascara
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: August 13, 2023
Format: Digital
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Country: USA

"Las Sombras De Su Mascara" - Album PREVIEW

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"Las Sombras De Su Mascara" is Black Vatican's artistic exploration into symphonic metal, interwoven with vampiric and theatrical themes, aiming to revive the old school essence of the genre. This album is a significant entry in their discography, showcasing a rich, dark, and ornate musical landscape. The band's composition reflects a blend of classical influences and metal, providing a lush backdrop for narratives filled with gothic imagery and mystique.


  • Erick Ramos
  • Cole Roberts
  • Alex DeLayne


  1. Vampiric Waltz
  2. Night of Maleficium
  3. Silence 'neath Laughter
  4. Eyes of a Porcelain Moon

Recording Info:
Recorded and produced at Sandman Audio in Kansas City, the album features the refined sound engineering that enhances its thematic depth and musical intricacy.

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