Boogeyman - "Boogeyman" (Horror Punk, Punk Rock from US)

The live band, recently assembled, aims to bring this dark saga to the stage, promising a visceral experience for fans.


Artist: Boogeyman
Release Title: Boogeyman
Label: We Are Horror Records / Deadly Distribution
Release Date: May 11, 2021
Format: Digital, CD
Genre: Horror Punk, Punk Rock
Country: US

"Boogeyman" - Album PREVIEW

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Boogeyman's self-titled debut it's a chilling journey into the heart of darkness, inspired by the horror music and stories that shaped the childhoods of its members. This project is a crafted narrative, a 'horrorific' tale that weaves through each track, bringing to life a world both terrifying and enthralling. The live band, recently assembled, aims to bring this dark saga to the stage, promising a visceral experience for fans.


  • Eric Zellmer: Drums
  • Jason Payne: Vocals and Keyboards
  • Ryan Zellmer: Guitars and Bass

Tracklist: The specific tracklist was not provided in the submitted information.

Recording Info:
The eerie soundscape of Boogeyman was captured at Switchblade Sound in Tempe, Arizona, under the skilled hands of Sound Engineer Joe Asselin. Asselin's expertise in recording, mixing, and mastering melded seamlessly with the creative visions of Ryan Zellmer and Jason Payne, resulting in an album that's as polished as it is petrifying. Produced collectively by Zellmer, Payne, and Asselin, this album stands as a testament to collaborative artistry and horror-inspired creativity.

Boogeyman's debut album is an invitation to explore the shadows, a musical embodiment of the thrill and terror that horror aficionados crave. Fans of Misfits, The Other, Blitzkid, and The Returners will find familiarity in the band's homage to the classics, yet be captivated by the fresh terror that Boogeyman brings to the punk rock scene. This album, coupled with its accompanying graphic novel "The Devil's Song," is not just a listening experience; it's an immersive dive into a world where darkness reigns supreme, setting the stage for the band's forthcoming narrative expansion.

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