RISE OF KRONOS Announces Rerecorded Debut and Upcoming New Album

The US melodic power metal band MILLENNIAL REIGN just released a music video for their new single "Bring Me to Life"


RISE OF KRONOS, the North German metal band, recently unveiled a completely rerecorded version of "Hateful Fury", a track from their 2011 debut album originally released under the band name "Surface". Now, the band is excited to announce that all 11 tracks from "Where The Gods Divide" have been rerecorded and will be released as "Where The Gods Return" on August 2nd across all streaming platforms.

The reimagined album not only features rerecorded tracks but also includes rearranged versions of some songs. As a preview, the former title track "Where The Gods Divide" is now available on Spotify and other services.

Furthermore, RISE OF KRONOS is in the final stages of completing a new album, set to follow their 2022 release, "Council Of Prediction." The upcoming album is expected to drop this fall. More details will be shared soon.

Tracklist for "Where The Gods Return":

  1. The Journey Begins (Intro)
  2. Where The Gods Divide
  3. Hateful Fury
  4. Olympic Warmachine
  5. Titans From Olympus
  6. Down To Nothing
  7. Exit The Light
  8. Back To The Roots
  9. Kraken
  10. The One I Hate
  11. Disease

Listen to RISE OF KRONOS on Spotify: Spotify Link

Upcoming Live Dates:
21.06.2024 DE - Schwarzburg, Metalwiese
31-01.09.2024 DE - Hamburg, Tattoo Titans
13.09.2024 DE - Siegen, Vortex
14.09.2024 DE - Ostfildern, Zentrum Zinsholz
27.09.2024 DE - Braunschweig, Kufa
04.10.2024 DE - Dresden, Skullcrusher
05.10.2024 DE - Hannover, Mephisto
19.10.2024 DE - Ahrensburg, Juki42
26.10.2024 DE - Wiesloch, Rnp
08.11.2024 DE - Magdeburg, Factory
09.11.2024 DE - Erfurt, From Hell
15.11.2024 DE - Balingen, Sonnenkeller
16.11.2024 DE - Karlsruhe, Die Stadtmitte
23.11.2024 DE - Naumburg (Saale), Tanks
30.11.2024 DE - Oberhausen, Helvete
06.12.2024 DE - Lübeck, Treibsand
07.12.2024 DE - Bremen, Zollkantine
31.01.2025 DE - Hannover, Cafe Glocksee
01.02.2025 DE - Hamburg, Logo
15.02.2025 DE - Berlin, Slaughterhouse

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