Devourer - "The Wicked Ones" - Exclusive Full Stream Before Release Date

"The Wicked Ones" is the fifth album by Swedish black death metal band Devourer. The album is set to be released tomorrow, May 8th, and will be available on Bandcamp and various streaming platforms. You can listen to the full album stream right now here: Full Stream.

Occult Black Metal Zine | 8/10
‘In my opinion, this is another great sounding album from Devourer and if you are a fan of blackened death metal you should check out this recording.’

The Metal Crypt | 4.25/5
‘It's great to see this band still going strong despite lineup shifts and still capable of surprising me, and I'll happily wait for them to do it again while The Wicked Ones make me a smiling, gorey stain on the floor.’


Artist: Devourer
Release Title: The Wicked Ones
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: May 8, 2024
Format: Digital
Genre: Black Death Metal
Country: Sweden


  1. The Wicked Ones
  2. Spirit of the North
  3. The Atomic Redeemer
  4. Fear Incarnate
  5. Thanatomaniac
  6. Folly of Two
  7. Dystopian
  8. The Crimson Serpents
"The Wicked Ones" - Album PREVIEW

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Devourer's new album "The Wicked Ones" marks the beginning of a new chapter for the band in more ways than one. This album is the first to feature Oksana Falk, also known as Oksana Rage, on vocals and bass guitar. It is also the first time that Devourer's music has been collaboratively written in person by John and Oksana Falk, unlike their previous work on the 2022 album "Raptus," which was developed remotely.

After Devourer’s former vocalist, Fredrik Håf, left the band in early 2023, Oksana arrived in Sweden in April with initial plans to form a new band. However, as the music for "The Wicked Ones" began to take shape over the following months, its distinct Devourer sound made it clear that it could not be branded as anything else.

The duo decided to continue under the Devourer name and engaged with their fans by releasing videos of the album's recording process. In January 2024, they released a music video for the title track, which quickly became the most-viewed video in the band's history. The video, a straightforward capture of the band performing in their rehearsal space, resonated well with both longtime and new fans.

Since its inception in 2002, Devourer has released five albums. In addition to these albums, the band has issued a handful of singles, a demo from 2003, and an EP that compiles tracks written and recorded between 2007 and 2010. All of this content is freely available on Devourer’s YouTube channel.


Recording Info:

  • Recorded, mixed, and mastered by John Falk at their home studio


  • Oksana Falk - Vocals, Bass
  • John Falk - Guitars and drum programming

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