'Empire': Bury My Demons' Ferocious Dive into the Depths of Metal

"Empire" delves into the heavier realms of metal, drawing closer to the death-core genre, which the band believes will strike a chord with fans of Thy Art is Murder and Lorna Shore.

In the dynamic landscape of heavy metal, Bury My Demons stands out with their latest single "Empire," released on November 17, 2023. This track not only marks a significant evolution in the band's sound but also showcases a collaborative spirit that brought unexpected creativity and depth to the project. Directed by the talented Kyle Lamar and recorded at War Horse Recordings by Chris Mora, "Empire" is a testament to the band's journey into the heavier spectrum of metal, resonating with fans of death-core giants like Thy Art is Murder and Lorna Shore.

The making of the "Empire" music video was a journey filled with spontaneity and creative exchange. "Kyle has always been the easiest person to work with," the band shares, highlighting his ability to merge the band's vision with his innovative ideas seamlessly. What was initially planned as a simple lyric video transformed into a full-fledged music video, thanks to a burst of last-minute creativity. This flexibility and openness to new ideas were pivotal in the video's production, making the process both enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved.

"Empire" delves into the heavier realms of metal, drawing closer to the death-core genre, which the band believes will strike a chord with fans of Thy Art is Murder and Lorna Shore. The song's intense energy and dark thematic elements are a nod to the band's exploration of their musical capabilities and a testament to their evolving sound.

Creating "Empire" represented a departure from Bury My Demons' traditional metalcore sound, venturing into the depths of heavy metal. "This song is pulling us away from the traditional metalcore sound and is a deep dive into how heavy we think we can go," the band reflects. This exploration into heavier music has opened new avenues for their creativity, influencing their subsequent projects and broadening their musical palette.

The journey to "Empire" was not without its challenges, particularly regarding the music video's production. The band faced moments of doubt and nervousness, fearing they were unprepared. However, the collaborative spirit and flexibility in the creative process allowed for on-the-spot ideas and adjustments, resulting in a video that truly captured the essence of the song. "We were able to drop ideas on the spot, day of shoot, and just film our ideas," they recall, highlighting the magic of their collaboration with Kyle Lamar.

Looking ahead, Bury My Demons is eager to continue their musical journey with enthusiasm and creativity. "We just want to keep writing fun and creative music that people can get behind," the band states, expressing their desire to engage with their audience through live performances and festivals. The release of "Empire" has set a new benchmark for their work, and the band is excited to see where their evolving sound will take them next.

With its heavy, immersive sound and the compelling story behind its creation, "Empire" is poised to captivate the hearts of metal enthusiasts worldwide, signaling the dawn of an exhilarating new chapter for Bury My Demons.


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