"Eternal": Abysslooker's Odyssey into the Abyss of Post-Black Metal

Abysslooker, known for blending post-metal and black metal, introduces their latest single, "Eternal".


In the shadowy realms of post-metal and black metal, Abysslooker's latest single "Eternal" emerges as a profound exploration of the somber and the sublime. Released on 23rd February 2024, this piece stands as a testament to the band's continued evolution and their unwavering commitment to the darker spectrums of metal music. Mixed by the esteemed Vladimir Lehtinen, known for his work with heavyweights like SOILWORK and SECOND TO SUN, "Eternal" promises to be a pivotal addition to Abysslooker's growing discography.

Abysslooker's approach to "Eternal" is rooted in the essence of black metal, not just in its stylistic elements but more so in the atmospherics it conjures. "This track inherits the musical elements of black metal, but more importantly, it retains the grim atmosphere of hopelessness inherent in this genre as a whole," the band states. It's this embrace of desolation and despair that defines the track, offering listeners an immersive journey into the depths of their own introspection.

The collaboration with Vladimir Lehtinen goes beyond mere technical expertise; it's a confluence of artistic visions. Abysslooker values this partnership for the personal touch Vladimir brings to the mixing table, aligning seamlessly with the band's auditory aesthetic. "We collaborate with him not only because of his extensive experience in creating and mixing heavy music but also because of his personal contribution, which fits well with our vision of how our music should sound," they affirm.

"Eternal" diverges from traditional storytelling, opting instead to evoke a broad spectrum of emotions and thoughts. The band clarifies, "In this track, we do not try to tell a personal story that will resonate with the listener, we only convey an idea, create a mood and feeling." It's this open-endedness that invites listeners to project their own narratives, making each encounter with the track a unique personal experience.


While Abysslooker's sound is an experimental fusion that might not directly mirror their influences, the underlying dark vibe remains a constant. This sonic ethos resonates deeply with fans of genre stalwarts like Rosetta and Cult of Luna, drawing them into Abysslooker's uniquely bleak soundscapes. "We maintain a dark vibe โ€“ this is what we strive for, and this is what makes fans of these bands our audience," the band notes, highlighting their appeal to aficionados of introspective and atmospheric metal.

With "Eternal," Abysslooker not only contributes to their repertoire but also sets the stage for their upcoming album, hinting at even darker explorations to come. "Our new single opens the door to much darker areas that you can delve into with the release of our upcoming album," they tease, promising a deeper dive into the existential themes that have come to define their music.

Abysslooker's "Eternal" is more than a musical release; it's an invitation to explore the existential void through the lens of post-black metal. As the band continues to evolve, their commitment to creating immersive, thought-provoking music remains steadfast. With its release, "Eternal" is poised to captivate and engage the minds and souls of metal enthusiasts around the globe, cementing Abysslooker's place in the annals of dark, introspective metal.

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