Following the viral success of "Crime", Beyond Awareness delve into their latest single "Nightfall"

"Nightfall" not only delves into the shadows of the mind but also signifies a pivotal moment in Beyond Awareness's musical evolution.

In the ever-evolving landscape of metalcore, Finnish band Beyond Awareness stands as a beacon of innovation and emotional depth. Their latest single, "Nightfall", explores themes of nightmares, insomnia, and the existential dread that often accompanies the quiet of the night.

Drawing from their own battles with stress and anxiety, Beyond Awareness crafts a narrative in "Nightfall" that resonates on a deeply personal level. "We were inspired by our own personal experiences with insomnia, stress, and anxiety, which have led to vivid and disturbing nightmares," the band reveals. The track employs the chilling metaphor of sleep paralysis to depict the feeling of entrapment in one's own fears, using a fusion of dark, heavy sounds and evocative lyrics to paint a vivid picture of night-time terror.


"Nightfall" not only delves into the shadows of the mind but also signifies a pivotal moment in Beyond Awareness's musical evolution. The band reflects on their growth, stating, "We have experimented with different sounds and influences... We have also become more confident and honest in our expression." This track showcases their unique blend of rock, metal, and electronic elements, marking a bold step forward in their creative journey.

Following the viral success of their single "Crime", with over 1 million streams, Beyond Awareness is optimistic about "Nightfall"'s reception among their expanding fanbase. "We think that 'Nightfall' will resonate with them because it shows our range and diversity as a band," they comment, highlighting the track's universal themes of fear, anxiety, and the search for hope amidst despair.

"Nightfall" is not just a single but a harbinger of what's to come in Beyond Awareness's much-anticipated debut album slated for release in 2024. The band views the track as a reflection of their vision and identity, promising an album that will explore various facets of their musical and personal journey, challenging the conventions of their genre.

Beyond Awareness hopes that "Nightfall" will offer listeners a sense of inspiration and empowerment. They aspire for their audience to find solace in the shared experience of overcoming life's trials, encouraging a message of resilience and self-discovery. "We hope that they will realize that they are not alone in their challenges," the band states, echoing their commitment to using music as a means to confront and master their darkest thoughts.

"Nightfall" is a gripping exploration of the nocturnal fears that haunt us, set against the backdrop of Beyond Awareness's dynamic sound. With its compelling narrative and intricate musicality, the single promises to be a milestone for the band and a beacon for fans navigating their own nightfalls.

All instrumental tracks from their debut album are now ready, and the band is now diving into perfecting the vocals before they hit the studio.


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