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[promo] Holycide - "Towards Idiocracy" (Xtreem Music)

Following in the body-strewn footsteps of last year’s “Bazookiller” EP, Spain’s Holycide are back with their third full length album – “Towards Idiocracy”!

Artist: Holycide
Release Title: Towards Idiocracy
Label: Xtreem Music
Release Date: June 6, 2024
Format: CD, LP, Cassette, Digital
Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Spain


  1. A.I. Supremacy
  2. Towards Idiocracy
  3. Remote Control
  4. Lie is the New Truth
  5. Power Corrupts
  6. Technophobia
  7. Angry For Nothing
  8. Chemical Dependency (Atrophy cover)
  9. Pleased to Be Deceived
  10. Flamethrower 'em All
"Towards Idiocracy" - Album PREVIEW

Holycide returns with their third full-length album, "Towards Idiocracy", building on the aggressive legacy of their previous releases and elevating their intense thrash metal sound to new heights. Mixed and mastered by Javier Fernández at Montseny Studios and Davide Billia at MK2 Recording Studio, the album's production was helmed by Vicente J. Payá at Black Night Studios, where guitars, bass, and drums were recorded, while vocals were captured at Sanctuary Studios. Dave Rotten's scathing lyrics offer a critique of society's flaws, delivered through relentless riffs and powerful vocals.

The album is a nuclear thrash metal assault, a sonic journey that will redefine what listeners think they know about Holycide. From the intricate guitar solos contributed by Salva Esteban, Ankor Ramírez, and Camilo Espina Quilodran to the ferocious drums and snarling vocals, "Towards Idiocracy" mirrors its critical message in an unforgiving delivery. The vivid cover art by Daemorph Art encapsulates the intensity of the music within.

Holycide's dedication to pure thrash metal shines through in their influences, like Dark Angel, Exodus, and Sepultura. They continue to set the standard for the genre, and "Towards Idiocracy" is a testament to their commitment to uncompromising thrash. The band remains bonded to Xtreem Music, and this album, their most intense yet, will be released on the international day of Slayer—a fitting nod to the genre's roots. It blends brutal speed and technical skill, making it a standout release for thrash fans in 2024.


  • Dave Rotten: Vocals (Avulsed, Christ Denied, Putrevore, Famishgod...)
  • Salva Esteban: Lead guitar
  • Ankor Ramírez: Lead guitar
  • Vicente J. Payá: Bass (Unbounded Terror, Golgotha...)
  • Santi Arroyo "GoG": Drums (Avulsed, Buriality...)

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