June release: Al-Namrood - "Al Aqrab" (Black Metal)

Al-Namrood's new album is set to be released on June 9, 2024.


Artist: Al-Namrood
Release Title: Al Aqrab
Label: Shaytan Productions
Release Date: June 9, 2024
Format: Digital, LP, CD
Genre: Black Metal with Arabian and Oriental influences
Country: Saudi Arabia


  1. Ardh Bela Sama
  2. Lisan Al Nar
  3. Aqarib Al Petra
  4. Taht Al Jeld
  5. Al Ghasasina
  6. Diar Al Anbat
  7. Abwab Edom
  8. Al Jurm Al Madfoon
  9. Tarjif
"Al Aqrab" - Album PREVIEW

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"Al Aqrab," which translates to "Scorpion Prison," marks Al-Namrood's 10th studio album. This album blends traditional Black Metal with distinct Arabian and Oriental musical influences, continuing the band's signature sound that incorporates aspects of 90's black metal akin to bands like Marduk. "Al Aqrab" has been professionally remastered by a top European studio known for their work in the black metal genre, ensuring the audio quality remains on par with Al-Namrood's previous releases which were mastered at Endarker studios.


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