Listen to Thus' latest single 'Incorporeal' (Progressive Melodic Death Metal)

"Incorporeal" showcases Thus' signature style of progressive melodic death metal.

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Artist: Thus
Release Title: Incorporeal
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 5th January 2024
Format: Digital
Genre: Progressive Melodic Death Metal
Country: Denmark
For Fans of: Revocation, Alluvial, The Black Dahlia Murder, Feared, Gojira

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"Incorporeal" showcases Thus' signature style of progressive melodic death metal. The band, hailing from Aarhus, Denmark, demonstrates their musical prowess through intricate guitar work and dynamic songwriting. The single explores the feeling of intangibility and the struggle to make an impact in a turbulent world. Their unique sound is a blend of melancholic melodies and groovy rhythms, appealing to fans of bands like Revocation and Gojira. The song's thematic depth and complex arrangements highlight the band's evolution and ambition in the metal scene.

Recording Info: The guitar, bass, and vocals were recorded in Frederik Jensen's home studio in Aarhus, Denmark. The drums were recorded in Sebastian Lanser’s personal studio in Austria. The song was mixed and mastered at Hop House Studio by Andreas Linnemann.


  • Frederik Jensen: Guitar & Vocals
  • Tobias Hornstrup: Guitar
  • Sebastian Skousgaard: Bass
  • Sebastian Lanser: Session Drums

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