Out now: ELDAMAR - "Lost Songs from the Ancient Land" (Northern Silence Productions)

"Lost Songs from the Ancient Land" is a unique collection from ELDAMAR, featuring the track "Hagalaz"

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Release Title: Lost Songs from the Ancient Land
Label: Northern Silence Productions
Release Date: February 2, 2024
Format: CD
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal / Dungeon Synth
Country: Norway


  1. Hagalaz
  2. Spirit of the North (demo version 2015)
  3. Entering Eldamar (unreleased demo song 2015)

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"Lost Songs from the Ancient Land" is a unique collection from ELDAMAR, featuring the track "Hagalaz" from a split album, a 2015 demo version of "Spirit of the North," and an unreleased demo song. This release offers fans a deeper dive into ELDAMAR's world, inspired by themes such as J.R.R. Tolkien's works, heathenism, elven magic, and nature, blending atmospheric black metal and dungeon synth for an immersive listening experience.


Eldamar is the solo project of Mathias Hemmingby from Askim/Norway, performing Atmospheric Black Metal and Dungeon Synth. It was formed in the summer of 2015.
Conceptually, Eldamar is inspired by J.R.R Tolkien, Heathenism, Elven Magic and Nature.
The goal of Eldamar's art is to help listeners to open up to the music in an emotional way and combine the experience with their imagination. To that end, the music on Eldamar’s releases is combined with the gorgeous artworks of famous landscape painter Albert Bierstadt. The combination of aural and visual impressions will allow them to drift away in their own dreams
while listening to the songs. With persistence, this practice will carry them right through the gates of Alfheimr/Elvenhome.
After two very successful albums and an out-of-print split MCD with Dreams of Nature it was decided to make the song "Hagalaz" from said split, which was previously only available on CD, available also on vinyl alongside an unreleased demo version of "Spirit of the North" from 2015 on side A, and on the B-side the previously unreleased demo song "Entering
Eldamar" from 2015 - a fantastic 15 minutes opus that showcases a much darker and more melancholic side of Eldamar. The earliest beginnings, if you will.
The LP was very well received by fans, who quickly asked for a CD release as well. This will be out in February 2024, featuring the same material as the LP version, in a limited Digipack edition of 999 copies.
All in all the listener gets 40:44 min of rare and unreleased Eldamar material that shortens the wait until album 3 is finally ready. An absolute must have for fans of the project!


  • Mathias Hemmingby - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard & Programming

Social Links:
Bandcamp: eldamar.bandcamp.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/eldamarnorway