March release: The Lightbringer - "Seven Thrones"

The Lightbringer will release their new album, "Seven Thrones", next month.

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Artist: The Lightbringer
Release Title: Seven Thrones
Label: Self-released
Release Date: March 22, 2024
Format: Digital, CD
Genre: Melodic Power/Black Metal
Country: Canada


  1. Embodiment
  2. Worlds Beyond
  3. Aether Rivers
  4. Elementalians
  5. Pillar Of Creation
  6. Astral Crown
  7. Efflorescence
  8. Mystic Places Of Dawn (Septic Flesh cover) Bonus Track - Wooden Box Edition

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"Seven Thrones" is a richly conceptual album, building upon the narrative first introduced in the EP "From the Void to Existence" and further explored in the album "Heptanity." Each track of "Seven Thrones" delves into the realms of existence where gods manifest, with vast kingdoms and mystical realms unfolding. The album promises an enchanting journey filled with awe, challenges, and the exploration of light and darkness. The band invites listeners to join them on this quest, guided by the mysterious voices within the music.

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Olivier V. Girard at Holywaves Studio, Québec, ensuring a high-quality auditory experience. Influences for fans of the band include early Dark Tranquillity, early Septic Flesh, and Stormlord, providing a hint of the sonic landscape "Seven Thrones" inhabits.

Additionally, "Seven Thrones" will have a special "Cosmogony edition," released in a wooden box including four bonus songs, the EP "From The Void To Existence," and a 32-page booklet exploring The Lightbringer Lore, all designed and illustrated by Auraeon.


  • Auraeon: Guitars, Drums
  • Archan: Warrior Voice, Bass
  • Sol-Orcus: Abyssal Voice
  • Celestheia: Celestial Voice


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