May release: Aoryst - "Relics Of Time" (MDD Records)

Aoryst dives into the thrash metal scene with their debut album "Relics Of Time", set to be released on May 2 through MDD Records.


Artist: Aoryst
Release Title: Relics Of Time
Label: MDD Records
Release Date: May 2, 2024
Format: CD, Digital
Genre: Thrash Metal


  1. Deterministic Chaos
  2. Call Of The Void
  3. ETNO
  4. Hybrid Forms
  5. Extractor Of Death
  6. Exogenesis (Instrumental)
  7. Oceans Below
  8. Anoxia
"Relics Of Time" - Album PREVIEW

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Aoryst dives into the thrash metal scene with their debut album "Relics Of Time," a vigorous blend of thrash metal enriched with elements of death and classic metal. The concept, originating from mastermind Kristian Leš who began writing the first tracks in 2018, presents a musical journey that’s both nostalgic and fresh. Recorded and produced by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Recordings, who also contributed his skills on the drums, the album stands out in the crowded thrash metal landscape. With technically adept tracks and harsh vocals, "Relics Of Time" showcases the seasoned expertise of its members, promising a high-caliber auditory experience.


  • Kristian Leš: Guitar
  • Julian Müller-Terbille: Vocals
  • Manuel Förderer: Guitar
  • Dominik Schlüter: Drums
  • Manuel Köster: Bass

Recording Info:
Produced and recorded at Soundlodge Recordings by Jörg Uken.

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