May release: Hagetisse - "The Fountain of Fallen Stars" (Black Metal from Netherlands)

"The Fountain of Fallen Stars" is a profound exploration of ancient black metal themes


Artist: Hagetisse
Release Title: The Fountain of Fallen Stars
Release Date: May 10, 2024
Format: Digital, CD
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Netherlands


  1. Dwars Door De Tijd Ruik Je De Verbranding
  2. Drink From The Fountain Of Fallen Stars
  3. Als Alles Een Laatste Keer Is
  4. De Sterren Sterven Langzaam Uit
  5. De Ogen Van De Nacht
  6. De Troon Blijft Leeg
  7. Verdrinken In Angst
  8. The First Dark
"The Fountain of Fallen Stars" - Album PREVIEW

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"The Fountain of Fallen Stars" is a profound exploration of ancient black metal themes, characterized by its hate-filled and bleak soundscapes. This album by Hagetisse delves into the depths of despair and darkness, drawing comparisons to the early work of Ulver and bands like Funeral Presence. Each track weaves a narrative of nocturnal grandeur and existential dread, making it a significant addition to the black metal canon.


  • M. de Jong

Recording Info:
Recorded in the Netherlands in 2023 by M. de Jong

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