NEW: Listen to Tricie and The Phantom Punks's new single "Darling Richie"

Tricie and The Phantom Punks, known as the "Best little Horror Punk band in Texas", have released their latest single, "Darling Richie".


Artist: Tricie and The Phantom Punks
Single Title: Darling Richie
Label: We Are Horror Records
Release Date: April 5, 2024
Format: Digital
Genre: Horror Punk, Punk Rock
Country: US

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Tricie and The Phantom Punks, known as the "Best little Horror Punk band in Texas," have released their latest single, "Darling Richie." The track is inspired by the infamous serial killer Richard Ramirez and explores lead vocalist Tricie Texas's obsession with the Night Stalker. The single, produced, mixed, and mastered by Brian Davis from 30footfall, is available on all streaming platforms. A music video for the song will be released soon.

Tricie Texas describes the inspiration behind the song, "I was obsessed with serial killers and killers in general from a very young age. When everything started to come out about the crimes he had done, I just became more obsessed. I liked his black eyes and his black hair. I also felt like he had no soul, which fascinated me more. I didn’t really start collecting things related to him until 1990. So I essentially just wrote the lyrics as if I were in a relationship with him."


  • Tricie Texas: Vocals
  • Phantom 1: Bass
  • Phantom 2: Guitars
  • Phantom 3: Drums
  • Brian Davis: Drums (featured)

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