Out now: Adamant Sky - "New Colours in the Distance" (Kvlt und Kaos Productions)

Adamant Sky debuts with "New Colours in the Distance", a sonic odyssey unveiled by Kvlt und Kaos Productions.


Artist: Adamant Sky
Release Title: New Colours in the Distance
Label: Kvlt und Kaos Productions
Release Date: March 9, 2024
Format: Digital, CD, Cassette
Genre: Alternative Metal
Country: Austria


  1. Redcard
  2. Eagle 12
  3. A Penny for Your Thoughts
  4. Leaving Home
  5. Ladybird
  6. Careless Caress
"New Colours in the Distance" ALBUM PREVIEW

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Adamant Sky debuts with "New Colours in the Distance", a sonic odyssey unveiled by Kvlt und Kaos Productions. Released on March 9, 2024, this debut album introduces a dynamic and refreshing sound to the music world, featuring an electrifying blend of genres and emotions. The album consists of six meticulously crafted tracks, each one inviting listeners on a journey through diverse soundscapes, from thunderous riffs to ethereal melodies. "New Colours in the Distance" epitomizes Adamant Sky's innovative approach, blending hard-hitting riffs, dynamic rhythms, and haunting melodies into a unique auditory experience.

The album is available in multiple formats, including a digital download, a CD in a beautifully designed Digipack, and a limited-edition cassette housed in an eco-conscious, plastic-free box, catering to the varied preferences of music enthusiasts.

Adamant Sky emerges as a vibrant force in the music scene, characterized by their creative energy and artistic integrity. With their debut, they not only showcase their musical prowess but also establish themselves as pioneers of a new sound, reflecting their commitment to pushing the boundaries of genre and expression.

For fans of: The Gathering, Life of Agony, Sonic Youth, Guano Apes

Recording Info:
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Peter D. Fritz at Studio 66.


  • Anna: Vocals
  • Julian: Guitar
  • Stocki: Guitar
  • Markus: Bass
  • Tom: Drums

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