Out now: SCHATTENFANG - "Perdurabo" (Northern Fog Records)

SCHATTENFANG releases their third full-length album, "Perdurabo", via Northern Fog Records.


Release Title: Perdurabo
Label: Northern Fog Records
Release Date: April 30, 2024
Format: Available in digital, CD, Cassette
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal, Black Metal
Country: Germany


  1. Wolfsdrang
  2. In Flammen
  3. Das Meer in uns
  4. Feuertaufe (feat. Zieesche of Vehemenz/Solouum)
  5. Non Omnis Moriar
  6. Des Frühlings Kalter Glanz (feat. Mt. Beliar of Vivus Humare)
  7. Insomnia
  8. Septembermorgen
  9. Weißes Rauschen
  10. In die Leere
  11. Seelenwanderung
  12. Ars Memoriae (feat. Horda of Firn)
  13. Ars Oblivionalis

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SCHATTENFANG releases their third full-length album, "Perdurabo", via Northern Fog Records. The album's title, meaning "I will persevere" or "to the end" in Latin, offers a glimpse into the themes of perseverance and tragedy that dominate the 13-track opus. Building on the narrative from their previous split release, "Blutpakt," "Perdurabo" tells a story of love and death in 13 acts. The album envelops listeners in an atmospheric journey that captures the emotions of melancholy, madness, and the inevitable end in death. Each track is meticulously composed to evoke feelings of despair and the macabre, immersing listeners in a dark and emotional world.


  • Invidia: Drums, Lyrics, Songwriting
  • Illuvataris: Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 4, 5, 10), Songwriting

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