Out soon: Grave Forsaken - "Moment In Time" (Soundmass Records)

Grave Forsaken introduces "Moment In Time", their landmark 10th studio album.


Artist: Grave Forsaken
Release Title: Moment In Time
Label: Soundmass Records
Release Date: March 29, 2024
Format: Digital,CD
Genre: Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal
Country: Australia


  1. Back To The Start
  2. Metal Message
  3. Win The Day
  4. There Is Only God
  5. Arise O God
  6. Mindless
  7. Moment In Time
  8. Power Of Salvation
  9. No One Way Is No Way
  10. Strong Conviction
  11. Night Warrior
"Moment In Time" ALBUM PREVIEW

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Grave Forsaken introduces "Moment In Time", their landmark 10th studio album. Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, this Christian metal band has been crafting their unique sound since 2004. "Moment In Time" encapsulates the band's journey over the last 20 years, featuring a rich tapestry of rock, heavy metal, and thrash elements. This album, a culmination of four years of dedication, is their first release since 2020 and serves as a vibrant showcase of Grave Forsaken's musical evolution.

For Fans Of: Mortification, Tourniquet, Slayer

Recording Info:

  • Recorded at: North Wind Studio, Perth, Western Australia
  • Guitars Tracked by: Luke Gallagher (Home Recording Setup)
  • Mixed and Mastered by: Vaughan Gregory at North Wind Studio
  • Produced by: Vaughan Gregory and Luke Gallagher


  • Vaughan Gregory: Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitar
  • Matt Skipworth: Vocals, Bass
  • Tim Steadman: Vocals, Drums
  • Luke Gallagher: Lead and Rhythm Guitar
  • Elias Salmela: Lead and Rhythm Guitar

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