Out soon: Sad Iron / Burning - "Back To Back" (Heavy Metal, Speed Metal)

This album is more than just a collaboration; it's a dialogue between different eras and styles within the metal genre.

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Artist: Sad Iron / Burning
Release Title: Back To Back
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 27 January 2024
Format: Digital, LP, CD
Genre: Heavy Metal, Speed Metal
Country: Netherlands

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This album is more than just a collaboration; it's a dialogue between different eras and styles within the metal genre. It celebrates the legacy of Sad Iron's long-standing contribution to metal and Burning's fresh and contemporary take on the genre. The album promises to deliver not only a series of compelling tracks but also an immersive experience that reflects the passion and skill of both bands.

Sad Iron, hailing from Hoorn, will be celebrating 45 years in 2024. Known for releasing a split album in 1982, their first full album in 1983, and their second album recorded in the 80s but released in 2016. Their album "Chapter II: The Deal" was released in 2019. They are considered pioneers of Dutch Speed/Thrash Metal.

Burning, from the province of Groningen, has been active for ten years, releasing two full albums and one EP. They have shared the stage with notable names in the metal scene. Their 2022 album "Scourge of Humanity" featured former Iron Maiden guitarist Dennis Stratton.

Recording Info: Sad Iron's part was recorded and mixed at Soundlodge Studio Germany by Jorg Uken. Burning's part was recorded and mixed at De Fabriek by Dik Pomp. Both parts were mastered by Jorg Uken.


  • Sad Iron: Cor Bolt (Drums), Björn Hylkema (Bass), Marcel Paardekooper (Vocals), Bernard Rive (Guitar).
  • Burning: Mas Prevoo (Drums), Daan van de Craats (Bass), Renée Knegt (Guitar), Hugo Koch (Vocals), Harm Ten Hoove (Guitar)

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