💥Out today! Alpha Warhead - "Code Red" (Firecum Records)

Emerging from Margem Sul, Portugal, Alpha Warhead burst onto the thrash metal scene with their debut album "Code Red".

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Artist: Alpha Warhead
Release Title: Code Red
Label: Firecum Records
Release Date: 11th March 2024
Format: Multiple Formats
Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Portugal


  1. Detonation Sequence
  2. Code Red
  3. Fuel to the Fire
  4. Thunder Rain and Lightning
  5. Apollyon
  6. Paranoia
  7. Backfire
  8. Bullets of Hate

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Emerging from Margem Sul, Portugal, Alpha Warhead burst onto the thrash metal scene with their debut album "Code Red". Formed in early 2019, the band quickly made a name for themselves, drawing inspiration from iconic bands like Megadeth, Slayer, and Metallica. Their music, a nod to '80s metal, is laced with themes ranging from the military-industrial complex to Lovecraftian horror, insanity, and corruption. "Code Red" embodies Alpha Warhead's dedication to musicianship and their fearless approach to blending traditional thrash metal with innovative elements. After honing their sound and gaining momentum through live performances, the band, including the recent addition of lead guitarist Rick Serrano, is set to deliver an album that promises to ignite the thrash metal scene with its raw energy and intricate compositions​​.


  • Diogo Pereira: Guitar and Vocals
  • Pedro Silva: Bass and Backup Vocals
  • Pedro Peralta: Drums
  • Rick Serrano: Lead Guitar

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