Out today! Aristarchos - "Martyr of Star and Fire"

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Artist: Aristarchos
Release Title: Martyr of Star and Fire
Label: Vendetta Records
Release Date: 5th April 2024
Format: Digital, LP, CD, Cassette
Genre: Black Metal
Country: United Kingdom

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Aristarchos returns with their sophomore album, "Martyr of Star and Fire", is out now under the banner of Vendetta Records.

"Martyr of Star and Fire" delves deep into the contrast between being and nothingness, a journey through sound and silence, light and darkness. It is an exploration of extremities, a testament to the band's philosophical and musical evolution. This album is an invitation to witness the convergence of cosmic forces and personal surrender, an odyssey beyond the physical and metaphysical realms.

Aristarchos, maintaining their enigmatic presence, chooses to let their music speak for itself. The album weaves a complex tapestry of themes, from existential musings to the embrace of the cosmic void, articulated through a blend of fierce and contemplative soundscapes.


  1. Atrium - Martyr of Star and Fire
  2. Orb - Shadow Memories of the Enlived Amid the Deathless Aether
  3. Oath - Dispersal of the Spectral Awning in Perpetual Flame
  4. Adornment - Endless Syzygies of the Constant Immaterial

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