Out today! AS THE SUN FALLS "Kaamos" (Theogonia Records)

Today marks the release of "Kaamos", the highly anticipated second album by AS THE SUN FALLS, now available on all digital streaming platforms, and for CD digipack purchase worldwide.


Release Title: Kaamos
Label: Theogonia Records
Release Date: 3rd May 2024
Format: Digital, CD
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Finland


  1. Indrøø
  2. Among the Stars
  3. Black Lakes
  4. In Forlorn Times
  5. The Wanderer
  6. Aurora
  7. Through Sorrow and Grief (feat. Gogo Melone)
  8. Into the Shadows (feat. Kari Olli)
  9. Silver Shining
  10. The Great Cold
  11. Kaamos

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Drawing inspiration from the mystical period between December and January, known as Kaamos, where the sun remains hidden below the horizon yet the landscape is bathed in surreal blueish and violet Arctic lights, "Kaamos" captures the essence of this unique phenomenon. With eleven tracks of relentless sonic brutality, the album explores themes of sorrow, grief, and the deepest corners of the soul, offering a mesmerizing glimpse into the frozen landscapes of Finland.

Featuring guest appearances from renowned artists such as Gogo Melone and Kari Olli, "Kaamos" boasts a captivating blend of haunting beauty and raw power. Ethereal clean vocals by Gogo Melone on "Through Sorrow and Grief" and the haunting voice of Kari Olli on "Into the Shadows" add layers of depth to AS THE SUN FALLS' evocative sound.

Mixed and mastered by Guillaume Schappacher at Gravity Sound Prod. Studios, "Kaamos" delivers a visceral experience that resonates with fans of melodic death metal worldwide. From thunderous riffs to soaring solos, each composition showcases the band's mastery of their craft and their ability to transport listeners to another realm.

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Prepare to be engulfed by the sonic tempest of "Kaamos". Embrace the darkness and immerse yourself in the deep-rooted melancholy of the North with AS THE SUN FALLS

Jani Berney Mikkänen – Guitars, Vocals    
Lauri Unkila – Guitars    
Oskar Englund – Bass    
Paul Rytkönen – Drums    
Mikko Voutilainen – Vocals (Studio session musician)

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