Out today: Herxheim -"Contrapasso"

Herxheim's new EP, "Contrapasso," marks a significant addition to their discography


Artist: Herxheim
Release Title: Contrapasso
Release Date: April 5, 2024
Format: Cassette
Genre: Death Metal / Black Metal / Experimental
Country: USA


  1. The Counsel and the Surrogate (Intro)
  2. The Anointed
  3. The Enchanted
  4. And Their Pyrrhic Victories
"Contrapasso" - PREVIEW

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Herxheim's new EP, "Contrapasso," marks a significant addition to their discography, showcasing a unique blend of Death Metal, Black Metal, and Experimental elements. This EP, entirely self-produced, presents a journey through dark and complex soundscapes, reflecting the band's innovative approach to extreme music. The EP is a testament to Herxheim's dedication to pushing the boundaries of metal, drawing influences from avant-garde and obscure realms of the genre. Each track on "Contrapasso" is crafted to challenge and immerse listeners in a profoundly intricate auditory experience.


  • Patrick Brown

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