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[promo] Nattsjäl - "Chaosweaver"

Nattsjäl, the Swedish metal veterans, released recently their third full-length album "Chaosweaver".

Artist: Nattsjäl
Release Title: Chaosweaver
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: May 9, 2024
Format: Digital
Genre: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Progressive Metal
Country: Sweden


Nattsjäl, the Swedish metal veterans, released recently their third full-length album "Chaosweaver" on May 9, 2024. Known for their heavy, hard-hitting sound combined with progressive elements, Nattsjäl is composed of seasoned musicians with a rich history in the metal scene. The band features Jonas Almqvist, founder and the brain behind MÅNEGARM, on guitar, lead guitar, harsh vocals, bass, and as the composer of music and lyrics. Co-founder of MÅNEGARM, Pierre Vilhelmsson, contributes lyrics, media composition, and vocals. Thomas Vikström, known for his work with Therion and Candlemass, provides epic clean vocals and ideas, while Johan Axelsson, founder of Deranged, handles guitar, composing, mixing, and recording. The mysterious Mr. X completes the lineup on drums, studio recording, mastering, and mixing guitar compositions.


  • Jonas Almqvist: Guitar, Lead Guitar, Harsh Vocals, Bass, Composer
  • Pierre Vilhelmsson: Lyrics, Media, Composer, Vocals
  • Thomas Vikström: Epic Clean Vocals, Ideas
  • Johan Axelsson: Guitar, Composing, Mixing, Recording
  • Mr. X: Drums, Studio Recording, Mastering, Mixing, Guitar Composing


  1. The Gravelands
  2. The Last Voyage
  3. Reaper of the Dying
  4. Dreams from the Void
  5. The Little Treehouse
  6. Serenad för mörkret
  7. The Coming
  8. In the Dead of a Cold Evil Night
  9. The Snowcovered Lands

For Fans Of: Månegarm, Satyricon, Slayer


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