Saħħar's "L-Imlejka": Unveiling Maltese Myths Through Black Metal

In the realm of black metal, few artists dare to venture into the uncharted territories of their cultural heritage as boldly as Saħħar has with his latest single, "L-Imlejka"

In the realm of black metal, few artists dare to venture into the uncharted territories of their cultural heritage as boldly as Saħħar has with his latest single, "L-Imlejka". This track is a journey into the heart of Maltese mythology, bringing to life the obscure legend of 'L-Imlejka,' the Little Queen of the new year. With Saħħar, the artistic nom de guerre of Marton Saliba, at the helm, "L-Imlejka" stands as a testament to the power of black metal to explore and express the most profound aspects of human culture and history.

The inspiration for "L-Imlejka" springs from Saħħar's long-standing fascination with themes of death, destruction, and the cosmic reimagining of mythologies. "I decided that it is high time to look inward and tell a story of the very entity that I used as a moniker since 2006," Saħħar explains, highlighting his journey into Maltese folklore to find a myth that resonated with his artistic vision. The result is a creative retelling of the 'L-Imlejka' legend, spun into a haunting black metal narrative.


Incorporating the Maltese language into the lyrics, Saħħar brings an authentic and personal touch to "L-Imlejka." He shares, "At this point, I have written so many tracks in Maltese that I find it quite easy to use that language to express how I want something to be manifested." This linguistic choice not only pays homage to the song's cultural roots but also adds a layer of depth and authenticity to the storytelling.

As the sole creator behind "L-Imlejka," Saħħar faced the challenge of balancing instrumentation, vocals, and programming to craft a cohesive and compelling track. He describes his approach as "holistic," ensuring that each element of the song contributed to the narrative and atmospheric goals he set out to achieve. From the structure of the song to the mixing process, every decision was made with the intention of creating a "large, monolithic sound" that would serve as the sonic baseline for the entire album.

"L-Imlejka" is a key piece in the larger puzzle of Saħħar's upcoming concept album. The track introduces listeners to the character of L-Imlejka while setting the stage for the epic tale of Mattew Falzon, the local sorcerer whose legend inspired Saħħar's band name. This album promises to weave a rich narrative tapestry, filled with underworld legends, ancient wonders, and a profound sense of hopelessness and despair.

For Saħħar, "L-Imlejka" represents a pivotal moment in his artistic journey, pushing him out of his comfort zone to explore new thematic and musical territories. He hopes that listeners will appreciate the effort and creativity that went into the track and be inspired to explore the rich tapestry of Maltese mythology and culture. "I hope that listeners will grow interested in that even a very small, minuscule island trapped between two continents while belonging to neither can still have old, long but rich roots in mysterious figures," Saħħar muses.

With "L-Imlejka," Saħħar has crafted a black metal track that transcends mere musicality to delve deep into the heart of Maltese myth. This track is a bridge between the past and the present, between the island of Malta and the vast world of black metal enthusiasts. As Saħħar continues to explore the boundaries of his genre and heritage, "L-Imlejka" stands as a shining example of how music can serve as a powerful medium for cultural expression and exploration.


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