Teen Titans of Thrash: Hostilia's Youthful Mastery Unleashed in 'Let Off Some Steam' Remix

Hostilia, a young thrash metal band from Sweden, releases their new single "Let Off Some Steam (Remixed)" with a fresh sound from new vocalist Tim Angelini.

In the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden, a city renowned for its significant contributions to the metal music scene, Hostilia emerges as a promising thrash metal band, blending youthful energy with a mature musical outlook. With members aged between 16 and 20, the band is on the cusp of a thrilling journey, marked by the recent addition of Tim Angelini as their new vocalist. This transition not only revitalizes their sound but also heralds a new chapter in their evolving saga.

The integration of Tim Angelini into Hostilia has been nothing short of transformative. Albert Lindeblad, the band's 16-year-old drummer, and his brother William, the 20-year-old lead guitarist, unanimously praise Tim's impact. "Tim is by far the best vocalist and the best frontman we've ever had," Albert states, highlighting Tim's natural stage presence and positive influence within the band. William adds, "Tim is the first vocalist we've had who's willing to do the job for real," underlining the band's professional aspirations and dedication.

The decision to remix "Let Off Some Steam" from their latest EP "Atomic Thunder" was born out of necessity and artistic desire. Following the departure of their former vocalist just before the EP release in June 2023, Hostilia faced a dilemma regarding their planned video shoot for the track. Albert recounts, "We decided to shoot the video with the remaining members and then add additional footage once we found a vocalist." This led to the inclusion of only live footage of Tim in the music video.

William explains that the remix, handled by Per Stålberg at Welfare Sounds studio, was an opportunity to enhance the song with Tim's vocals and achieve the desired thrash metal sound, characterized by its catchy crunch and punch. "Per did a really great job remixing the song with Tim's vocals," William remarks, expressing satisfaction with the result.

Navigating the demands of being in a rising band while managing school and work is a challenge the young members of Hostilia face head-on. "It's not always easy, but our mind is set on making the most out of Hostilia as we possibly can," Albert says, demonstrating their commitment. William echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the time spent in their rehearsal studio as crucial to their creative process.

With Tim's addition, Hostilia feels poised for greater achievements. Albert believes that the band has finally found its true form, free from previous constraints that hindered their progress. William outlines their ambitions to elevate Hostilia to a professional level, seeking collaboration with like-minded individuals in the music industry. "The foundation of Hostilia is stronger than ever," William asserts, pointing towards a future filled with performances and continued musical exploration.

Hostilia's journey, exemplified by the remix of "Let Off Some Steam," signifies a band ready to carve its niche in the thrash metal genre. Their blend of youthful exuberance and mature musicality, enriched by Tim Angelini's dynamic vocals, sets the stage for an exciting trajectory in the metal music landscape. As Hostilia continues to evolve, their story serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of metal music, ever-renewing with each generation while staying true to its roots.


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