Ulfhednar - "Il Culto Dell'Agonia" (Black Metal from Italy)

Ulfhednar, hailing from the vibrant metal scene of Rome, Italy, presents their album "Il Culto Dell'Agonia." Released in 2022, this album delves deep into the realms of black metal, enriched with elements of death and doom metal.


Artist: Ulfhednar
Release Title: Il Culto Dell'Agonia
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: June 6, 2022
Format: Digital, CD
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Italy


  1. Preludio
  2. Alterco
  3. Punto Omega
  4. Impetuoso Divenire
  5. Atarassico
  6. Famelica Brama
  7. Odio Eterno
  8. Amara Superbia
  9. Ora Oscura

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Ulfhednar, emerging from the vibrant metal scene of Rome, Italy, presents their album "Il Culto Dell'Agonia." This album, released in 2022, is a profound exploration into the depths of black metal, infused with elements of death and doom metal, and enriched with persistent melodic interludes. Ulfhednar, originally part of the band Delirium Tremens, reformed in 2014 and has since solidified their lineup, gaining recognition through vigorous performances across Italy and Europe. Their sound, non-canonical yet distinctly black metal, draws inspiration from a broad spectrum of influences, ranging from the classic tones of Mayhem and Immortal to the modern dynamics of Behemoth and Dark Fortress. "Il Culto Dell'Agonia" not only showcases Ulfhednar’s evolving sound but also marks their significant footprint in the black metal genre.


  • Eclipsis: Vocals
  • Hevnar: Guitar
  • Cerbervs: Bass
  • Goryo: Drums
  • N√§cken: Keyboards

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