June release: Hybreed Chaos - "Subliminal Abyssal Carnage"

Canadian experimental metal band Hybreed Chaos is set to unveil their latest album "Subliminal Abyssal Carnage" on June 14, 2024.


Artist: Hybreed Chaos
Release Title: Subliminal Abyssal Carnage
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: June 14, 2024
Format: Digital, CD
Genre: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Progressive
Country: Canada


  1. SUBliminal abyssal carnage
  2. subLIMInal abyssal carnage
  3. sublimiNAL abyssal carnage
  4. subliminal ABYssal carnage
  5. subliminal abySSAL carnage
  6. subliminal abyssal CARnage
  7. subliminal abyssal carNAge
  8. subliminal abyssal carnaGE
"Subliminal Abyssal Carnage" - Album PREVIEW

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Hybreed Chaos is excited to present their new album "Subliminal Abyssal Carnage," marking a significant shift in their musical journey. This album is the third release from the band and showcases a departure from previous compositions, moving towards a more dissonant, experimental, and instrumental direction. The band, established in 2012 in Montreal, Quebec, is known for their relentless pursuit of pushing creative boundaries. The current lineup includes a trio of instruments not commonly seen together in metal: bass, cello, and drums, which enhances the unique and dark tonality of their music. The album features technical complexity and a stunning guitar solo by Dan Mongrain of Martyr and Voivod. It was produced by Hybreed Chaos, recorded by Remi Legresley, and mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson, known for his work with bands like Suffocation, Cryptopsy, and Ingested. "Subliminal Abyssal Carnage" comprises eight tracks that maintain the band's signature style of dissonant and heavy sounds paired with complex drum patterns and rhythmic signatures.


  • Franck Camus: Drums
  • Josée Campeau: Cello
  • Alex Boudreault: Bass

Produced by Hybreed chaos, recorded by Remi Legresley, mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson,( Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Ingested, among other)

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